Hi, I’m Barney and I am a fitness addict, I am also training to be a personal trainer

In today’s world, most of what we eat is not enough of what we should be eating, and if you are a bodybuilder and anything like me your diet consists of chewy chicken rice and milk related products, I do have a ton of fruit and veg on the side though. Because of this, we turn to supplements to get the minerals, vitamins and herbs that keep us healthy and in check, also to get the protein and the amino acids that are required for building MASS!

What can I do for you?

On my site I have various posts with links to great products that I personally believe will help you with your fitness and wellbeing, products to help you with your mental attitude and health, products to help you with your energy levels and fatigue, and products to help you reach your fitness goals, faster and happier!

I have combined most of the helpful products to achieve your goals all from a non-biased site, so that you know that you are buying legitimate products.

What do I take?

Well I started working out at the gym again a few months ago, I have a fitness and nutrition qualification so i am seeing results quite quickly with my supplements.

A few months ago I weighed in at 150lbs, and had a body fat percentage of 26.9%! I was also very introverted. With my protein shakes and my supplements for energy and a good mood, I am now 156lbs, and my body fat has significantly decreased! Also I am now overwhelmingly extroverted!

I take most of the stuff advertised on this site!

I’m glad you have found my site and I hope I can help you with these products and more!

Barney Clifton, your supplement advisor.